GRIPHON Open-Label Extension

UPTRAVI®—The Only Oral Prostacyclin Pathway Therapy With 7-year Survival Estimates1

UPTRAVI® campaign 4

The information below is from the open-label extension of the GRIPHON trial.
View the GRIPHON pivotal data for context of the overall population.

These data are from long-term follow-up and an open-label extension study. These uncontrolled observations do not allow comparison with a control group not given UPTRAVI® and cannot be used to determine the long-term effect of UPTRAVI® on mortality mobile image

Patients enrolled into the pivotal trial (GRIPHON) were eligible to enter the corresponding long-term open-label extension study. In long-term follow-up of patients who were treated with UPTRAVI® in the placebo-controlled study (N=574) and the open-label extension study (N=330, of 574), Kaplan-Meier estimates of survival at 1, 2, 5, and 7 years were 92%, 85%, 71%, and 63%, respectively. The median follow-up duration was 4.5 years, and the median exposure of UPTRAVI® was 3.0 years.

Patients taking UPTRAVI® had a 63% estimate of survival at 7 years

Overall survival Kaplan-Meier curve for patients randomized to UPTRAVI® in GRIPHON and entered into the open-label extension study

7-year survival mobile curve

Data presented are Kaplan-Meier survival rate estimates (95% CI).